*Over the last five years, we’ve helped over 500,000 people become better leaders, better communicators, better time managers, better conflict resolvers, and just better people in their jobs and in their everyday lives.

If you are like us, you’ve experienced bad leadership at some point in your career.

It can be painful, demotivating, stressful, and can even hurt your career and life outside of work.

We feel that there is too much bad leadership in the world. That is why our focus is on helping build great leaders. We believe any leader can become a good leader if they recognize where they are at and put in the time and effort to make it happen.

And the rewards are more than worth it. Just think how your life would be different, your organization would be different, and our world would be different if it was full of great leaders.

Since everything rises and falls on leadership, our main focus on The Exceptional Skills is to build great leaders. However, we also want everyone to have the opportunity to grow to be their best at their job.

Because of that, we have produced (and will continue to do so) content to help you thrive in whatever stage of your career you are in.

Our Company’s Mission:

To create a world where great leadership is the norm and to help everyone be the best they can be in their jobs and lives.

Our Company’s Vision:

A thriving world full of great leaders, building great organizations with thriving employees.

A little more about us

We started a few years ago with the focus of helping organizations and employees improve by providing quality material to grow soft skills.

Soft skills include time management and productivity, conflict resolution, communication skills, and so on.

Our goal was (and still is) to provide in-depth, actionable content that you can use to improve in any of these areas.

However, we decided to pivot toward leadership as everything rises and falls on leadership. We feel the best way to have the biggest impact for good will be to grow great leaders (while still providing content for anyone to grow in their job).

The Exceptional Skills was originally founded by Thomas R. Harris and Brent Mayes. Brent Mayes left shortly afterward to pursue other goals, and Thomas has been leading the helm since.

The Exceptional Skills is part of the Radiant Hope, LLC family.

Contact Us

Our goal is to provide great content and help build great leaders and employees. If you feel like we miss the mark or have ideas or suggestions or questions, please let us know!

You can message us on our contact page or directly at eskills@theexceptionalskills.com.

‪(817) 823-7981‬

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