Are You Ignoring The Value Inside You?

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Day in and day out, I believe people go to work not realizing the worth and value they possess and the level they bring to others and to their corporation organization. This is one of the modern-day tragedies of the workforce. The reason for this may be one of many issues.


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Often times people get caught up in an organization that is too large to individually recognize each and every employee for their worth and value. In other cases, it may simply be that the employee is more of an introvert than an extrovert, and he/she rarely gets out of there working space to engage with people that may recognize the value of work.

Also, there is a legitimate probability that it may be due to the leadership. There are certainly leaders who become so engaged in current activities and planning that they do not take the time or the make the effort to give acclamation and praise to their employees.

This excuse is unfortunate, but it is reality. Therefore, there are vast numbers of employees who exist in the workplace and believe they have no value, worth, or positive contribution to the organization that employees them.


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A former colleague of mine revealed to me a depressing perspective to me on his retirement day. He had over twenty years in with the company. But, he said,

“When I leave this position, it will be similar to someone pulling their hand out of a bucket of water.  The water would fall off the hands and back into the bucket. You will see no change. Operations will continue as normal, and I will not be missed”.

My heart grieved that day because a man has spent a major portion of his life doing great work at an organization, and on the day that he left, he did not even understand the impact he had made.


So from this point forward, I hold you accountable to the truth that you have value.

You possess worth.

You have or have the ability to positively impact your organization.


Lead from Within


I once heard that a leader does not have to have a leadership position to lead. Rather they just have to be able to influence someone else. And we all have that ability. The choices we must make is whether or not we are willing to take on this role regardless of whether we have a position of leadership or not.

  • Let us not wait for a promotion that may or may not happen.
  • Let us rather contribute to the good of the organization.
  • Let us influence at whatever level that we can.
  • Let us initiate positive impact in our daily tasks.


If it is nothing but our dedication to quality work and the pursuit of excellence, may we shine to inspire others to do the same. When we have the opportunity to volunteer, let us accept the role with enthusiasm and passion. It is within these moments that we may lead as servants willing to go the extra mile to accomplish a task. And if we are ever granted the official role of having a promotion into a distinguished position of leadership, may we never forget the principles that lead us to that role, the people to whom we serve, and the people to whom we may serve in the future.


“To whom much is given much is required”.

[reference Luke 12:48 from the Bible]

This is not just an eloquent saying, but it is a truth that we have a commitment and discipline to pursue the highest excellence that we have been blessed to do. Never forget that you are some one.

  • No one else has your DNA.
  • No one else has your fingerprints.
  • No one else has the exact knowledge, the exact faults, and the exact perspective that you have.


So do not take a backseat due to the belief that you are not relevant to your organization. You never know when you will be the only hope, the only inspiration, or the only one that can impact a situation or person at any given time.


You were not created to be a bookend for another person’s career. You have a purpose that you need to fulfill.

  • Never back down.
  • Never give up.
  • Never underestimate yourself.

— Brent Mayes



If you would like to see a few minutes of someone realizing their value, the following video is suggested:

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