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In his article on, Matt Rissell shares what he considers the ONE trait that pushes you forward in success.

He discusses how he moved to Boise, Idaho, and soon was jobless. He kept up his running routine to help keep himself centered. In his 3 mile jog, there was a field that many joggers ran through as a shortcut to cut the corner of the block.

One day while running through that same field, he was asking himself why others were pushing forward when he wasn’t – and it struck him – he was cutting corners, not just in the field, but in life.

He turned around, ran back, and ran around the whole block and determined not to cut corners anymore in his life.

Now he is the CEO of TSheets.

Do we take shortcuts?

How often do we take shortcuts in life? How often do we cut corners in work, in our jobs?

Are you a person who finds a way to do a little less than your full effort, especially on a seemingly mediocre or boring job?

As Matt Rissell found, those who cut corners, who don’t give their all even on the small stuff, are usually the ones who stay small.

Those who give their all in everything they do- not cutting corners, not cheating- are the ones who usually succeed.

Shampoo Bottle Holes

Take his example of Meg Whitman. After graduating at the top of her class at Harvard Business School, she landed her dream job at Proctor & Gamble. Her first assignment: Determine the optimal size of a shampoo bottle hole.

I can just imagine how discouraging that seemed to be to her. And she was disappointed – but she made a decision – to do even the seemingly insignificant with all excellence. And she did.

She is now the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.


What about you? Are you going to be one who cuts corners and does half jobs on seemingly unimportant tasks? Or are you going to be one who gives excellence in everything?

I’m choosing the latter. I hope you do, too.

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