Why The Exceptional Skills?

We believe that when more people like you learn these skills, not only does it make your life better, it changes the world.

It began at a college

When Thomas Harris worked at a local technical college, not only did he learn about some of the struggles of students, he learned how one of the biggest needs of employers were soft skills.

“I heard multiple times how employers had a hard time finding employees with the right skills – not the hard skills such as accounting or welding or programming, but the ability to communicate, get to work on time, and so on.”

A quest begins

Over time, this began a quest for Thomas. He began pouring through material so that he could help others learn these skills – and even realized how much he didn’t know.

“As I studied more and more material, I realized how my own lack of skills has held me back. I saw how my like of networking skills has hurt my connections, my lack of communication skills has caused grief in numerous jobs, and how my lack of productivity has caused projects to cost much more money and time than they should have.”

It can change your life

As Thomas learned from experience, these skills can change your life.

“They aren’t just nice ‘work skills’ for a resume. They can make a huge difference, not only at work, but at home, in your relationships, and in your goals and dreams.”


What we believe

We believe that everyone, no matter one’s background or circumstances, can achieve greatness.

We believe that anyone can learn these skills and change their life for the better.

We believe that these skills will help you stay employable and on top, especially in an ever-changing world where AI and robotics are becoming more prevalent.

We believe that too many businesses are hurting because their employees are missing these skills.

We believe as more and more employees learn these skills, not only will the business grow, be more profitable, and have a greater impact, but it will change the entire lives of their employees as well.

We believe that when more and more people learn these skills, it can change the world.


Imagine a world where hundreds, thousands, and even millions more individuals learn these skills:

What kind of world would we live in if more people knew how to be more productive, make better decisions, solve problems better, communicate clearly, and resolve conflict well? What kind of world would that be?


About Thomas R. Harris

​Thomas R. Harris

​Owner, CEO

​Thomas has worked as teacher in K-12 as well as on the college level.Some of his other previous jobs include working with orphans in Uganda, working as direct care staff in a group home, installing a/v equipment, and running a video production company.Thomas is the owner of Radiant Hope, LLC, which includes The Exceptional Skills, Growing Marriages, and Lead Winds.He also is a foster parent and has had 90+ kids come through his house and currently takes care of 3.He has a passion to see others succeed in life.