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Teaching businesses and individuals the skills they need to thrive.

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Too many people and are stuck in first gear (with the parking brake on)

They are driving through life in first gear – with many not even realizing it.

Their lives are held back, their work is held back, businesses are held back – all because they are missing the skills they need ot thrive.

What We Do

We help businesses and individuals release the brake and shift gears.

We help you learn the skills you need to thrive.

How We Help

Articles – Deep-dive on your own in our in-depth articles to learn these skills.

Podcast – Quick daily growth – all on your phone.

Courses – Learn with a group or self-paced in our video training courses.

Speaking – Have us speak to your group or at your event.

Training – Have us train your group or employees in these skills.

Coaching – Group or one-on-one coaching to help grow you and keep you accountable.

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Recent Podcasts:

Episode 44: One Danger of Using SMART Goals

The SMART goals method can be useful as some of the acronym stands for parts of a goal that you want to use and do; however, there are dangers in using SMART goals as well. One of the dangers is that they lead you to make your goals in a way that hurts your progress instead of helping. Listen to learn what that danger is and what to do instead.

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Episode 42: Some great advice for playing the game

We sometimes have the wrong mindset when playing sports or even in school. It's about being good or bad, smart or not smart, winning or losing; but when we do that, we are missing it. In this episode, we dive into the right mindset you need to have to truly be your best.

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Episode 39: A factor that separates the best from the mediocre

It can be easy to equate activity with productivity. We feel that if we are busy, crossing items off our list, it means we are getting stuff done.Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. In the same light, we sometimes see being "busy" as a sort-of status symbol.

By |September 27th, 2019|
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