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The Definitive Guide to Mission Statements: Why You Want One, How to Write Them, and How to Implement

Mission statements can be extremely powerful for your business or organization. It can give purpose and meaning in all you do. It can be a rallying point for your employees. It can help you connect with your customers at higher levels. [...]

95 Reasons Why You Procrastinate (And Not Do What You Need to Do)

Procrastination is so common and “normal” today that we joke about it. (Did you hear that joke about procrastination? No? I’ll tell you tomorrow.) Unfortunately, it’s no joking matter. Procrastination hurts people’s careers, lives, and it keeps many from their dreams. [...]

9 Ways Open-Door Policies Can Be Ineffective and Harmful (And What to do Instead)

If not done right, an open-door policy can cause more harm than good (and it’s not always as effective as we think it is). The idea of having an open-door policy is great on the surface – it ideally shows trust, [...]