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The Daily Growth Podcast is about helping you easily master the skills you need to excel.

Every episode is only a few minutes – so that you can easily make it part of your daily routine.

There are 5 episodes a week – so that you can listen and apply it for that day.

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Episode 65: Why “I Just Work Here” Is A Terrible Response

You’ve probably heard this before – you talk to an employee about an issue, and their response is “I just work here”.

That’s one of the worst things you can say as an employee. Learn why and what to do instead.

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Episode 64: Block that time

Distractions kill our productivity. Blocking time can help up focus and get stuff done. Listen to learn more.

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Episode 63: Why open door policies aren’t always effective

Some businesses have an open door policy for their employees, where the employees can drop by anytime to discuss issues or get help. Now, while on the surface this may seem like a good idea, in reality it can cause harm. Listen to learn more.

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Episode 62: It starts at the top

When it comes to customer service, dedication to goals, and behaviors at work, it all starts at the top. It starts with leadership. Listen to learn more.

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Episode 61: Model the behavior you want

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. If you want certain behavior from your kids, employees, or those in your charge, you need to model that behavior. Listen to learn more.

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Episode 60: What lens are you looking through?

Our perception of the things around us determine our reality more than the things itself. The lens we look at the world around us can affect our happiness, our life, and our success. Learn more in this episode.

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