What we write:

  • We provide quality, in-depth articles to teach and give the skills and knowledge one needs to be a great leader. We also teach soft skills that can help leaders and everyone to be better in their lives and at work.

Who can write for us:

  • If you are knowledgeable/an expert in a field.

Types of content accepted:

  • Unique, in-depth articles on a soft skills/work skills/leadership/management related topic. Read the guidelines for more specifics. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AI CREATED CONTENT.

Post guidelines:

  1. It has to be high quality.
  2. It needs to be 1500+ words, 2000+ preferably.
  3. It can’t be a “normal” blog – it needs to be in-depth and unique. If you search time management, most say basically the same thing. It doesn’t need to be “normal”. It needs to show what others cant find elsewhere.
  4. The post can’t be published anywhere else, except for your own blog after 15 days with a canonical link to the guest post.
  5. When you post, we have the rights to post and use the content. You are still the author, but we have the right to post it indefinitely and if we combine stuff or make an ebook, for example, we can do so without compensation (you still would get credited).
  6. It must be on a topic related to the blog and helpful to the readers.
  7. It needs to be more conversational style, easy to read.
  8. It should be about informing, not self-promoting you or your products. If you link to something that applies or is applicable, that’s okay.
  9. Of course, don’t plagiarize!
  10. Be respectful of other people’s copyrights.
  11. Avoid affiliate and irrelevant links.
  12. Make sure to use headers and break up the text. No long paragraphs or chunks of text. Break it up!
  13. We reserve the right to add to or edit the post if we feel it’s needed to fit our readers and the site’s needs.
  14. We reserve the right to add contextual and other links of related articles.
  15. You are responsible for proofreading and editing. If needed, you will be asked to rewrite.
  16. We have the right to reject any post or remove at our discretion.
  17. Maximum of one link per bio.
  18. NO AI WRITTEN ARTICLES. If you have to use AI to come up with an outline, then you aren’t knowledgeable enough to write the article. You can use it to help and come up with topics/thoughts you may have missed, but the main ideas should be yours. Anyone can make an AI article, and they all are basically rehashed generic knowledge. That’s the opposite of what we want on this site.

Submission guidelines:

  • Email a link to a word document or pdf to eskills@theexceptionalskills.com.
  • Make sure the word “Donuts” is in the email subject.
  • If accepted, well ask you to send your bio and picture and any links to images for the post (make sure it’s an image you purchased or from a free stock site such as unsplash.com).
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