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Bad Leadership Has a Cost

It costs you.

  • It hurts your effectiveness.
  • It hurts your career.
  • It destroys your impact

It costs your employees
(or your team)

  • They lose purpose in their work (it becomes just another job).
  • It increases stress and hurts their well-being.
  • Many become miserable in their jobs.

It costs your organization.

  • It lowers productivity (often drastically).
  • Turn-over is increased.
  • The above and more can cost a company billions (and cause the business to end).
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And unfortunately,
it’s everywhere.

You’ve likely seen it yourself in your experiences in past jobs or through observation.

In Fact:

Many don’t realize they aren’t great leaders because they were never trained
(or trained well).

Often, what people read online and learn from others is superficial and doesn’t help –
or is just plain wrong.


If common knowledge and common practice worked, why do we still have so much bad leadership?

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It’s important that you learn how to be a great leader and not follow the failed practices of those who aren’t.

How do you do that?
Learn (and do) the right stuff.

It’s a problem, but we can solve it.

Together we can end the trend of bad leadership and create a world where great leadership is the norm.

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