About the Exceptional Skills

We help you be the best at what you do

Whatever your career, whatever your job, whatever your aspirations- you can reach excellence.

We help you do that.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Many skills that you need to succeed in your career (and even life), such as soft skills, often aren’t taught in schools.

Parent’s may not teach their kids these skills because they don’t know them themselves (or because we as teenagers didn’t listen to them 🙂 ).

Think of us as your Yoda

That’s why we are here – to help you learn the skills you need to be your best in life and work. We want to help you succeed in whatever you do, whatever your career, whatever your aspirations.

We are here to help you achieve your greatness. 

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About the Founder

Thomas R. Harris
Thomas R. HarrisFounder
Thomas’ goal is the same as the site’s – to help you be the best at what they do.

From working in a college setting around students and other experiences, Thomas both saw and heard of the need for soft skills training for employees, job hunters, and students.

That’s when The Exceptional Skills came to life. His goal for the site is to provide easy to read, in-depth information that will help you be your best.

Thomas is also a foster parent. He has had 90+ kids come through his house and currently takes care of 5. He has a passion for them to help them know that they are loved and to succeed in life.