Episode 26: Are your employees about excellence or avoidance?

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As a leader, we help create the culture and environment for our team and employees. By our actions, we can determine whether our employees pursue excellence, or if they are about avoidance. 

And this matters – because if they are about avoidance, their focus isn’t excellence, and you will not get the results or productivity from your team or organization that you want. 

What do you do to determine that for your employees? Listen to find out. 

Episode Highlights

      • [0:00] Introduction: Moving Past Conventional Wisdom in Leadership
      • [0:21] Creating a Culture of Fear vs. Excellence
      • [1:06] Embracing Mistakes and Taking Risks for Innovation
      • [2:02] Balancing Pursuit of Excellence and Fear of Making Mistakes
      • [2:32] The Pitfalls of Overemphasizing Process over Outcome
      • [3:06] Creating a Safe Environment for Excellence, not Just Avoidance

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