Episode 19: Be Careful of Your Tacit Agreements

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In today’s episode, we delve into the topic of tacit agreement in leadership and the dangers it poses. As leaders, it is often uncomfortable to confront others and hold them accountable for their actions. However, when we choose to remain silent instead of addressing wrongdoing or failure to meet expectations, we unintentionally give our implicit approval to such behavior, which can be damaging. 

To avoid these negative consequences, it is vital to establish clear expectations and consistently communicate them to everyone. Holding people accountable does not necessarily involve “punishing” them but rather engaging in open conversations, giving them the benefit of the doubt, and collaborating to improve overall performance. If we have neglected to address issues in the past, it is important to take responsibility for not enforcing the established expectations and initiate a conversation to reestablish them.

Episode Highlights

      • [0:01] Introduction: Moving Past Conventional Wisdom in Leadership
      • [0:21] The Dangers of Tacit Agreement
      • [1:06] Consequences of Not Addressing Negative Behaviors
      • [2:19] Holding People Accountable to Expectations and Standards
      • [4:33] Reestablishing Expectations and Enforcing Them

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