Episode 28: 7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Hiring (That all leaders can learn from)

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There are 7 common mistakes entrepreneurs and small business owners make when they hire – but these are mistakes any leader can make.

What are these mistakes? Listen to learn now. 

Episode Highlights

      • [0:00] Introduction: Moving Past Conventional Wisdom
      • [0:21] Mistake #1: Not Being Clear About What You Want
      • [1:05] Mistake #2: Hiring Without Proper Evaluation
      • [2:31] The Pitfalls of Hiring Too Quickly
      • [3:13] Relying on Gut Instinct in Hiring Decisions
      • [4:17] Setting Clear Expectations for Hired Employees
      • [5:11] Avoiding Abdication of Responsibility when Delegating Tasks
      • [6:43] Frustration arises when employees are controlled in every step.
      • [7:14] Set clear expectations and outcomes instead of controlling everything.
      • [7:54] Be cautious about expecting the same level of passion from employees.

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