benefits of time management - woman jumping in sunset The benefits of time management done right are huge.

Not only can it help you accomplish more in your life, but it can affect how you relate to people, your health, and more.

So how does time management benefit you?

Let’s find out below.

1. Accomplish more

First off, one of the biggest benefits of time management is that you accomplish more.

This doesn’t mean that you just get more done. You may actually cross off LESS items on your to-do list than before.

What it means is that you get more done of what is important, and when you do what’s important, what you accomplish is far greater than before.

2. Feel accomplished

Not only will you accomplish more, but it will also help you feel accomplished.

How many times have you spent your whole day being “busy” but feeling like you accomplished nothing? Effective time management will solve that.

When you follow the principles of effective time management, even if your day gets crazy, you still can finish your day feeling accomplished for what you have done.

3. Less stress

Another great benefit of time management is that it causes less stress.

When you are busy doing all the urgent tasks that come along and feel you aren’t accomplishing all that you need to, or you are feeling overwhelmed, it creates stress. This stress can hurt your productivity, hurt your relationships, and hurt your health.

Managing your time well can help reduce it.

benefits of time management - stress written in red pencil


4. Less overwhelm

Ever have that overwhelmed feeling? So much to do and not enough time?

Truth is, you will never have enough time for everything. And you don’t need to.

Effective time management will help you focus on what’s important, remove what’s not, and help you feel less overwhelmed and less stressed.


5. Less rush

It will also help you feel less rushed. If you are always stressed and overwhelmed and focused on the urgent, you are going to feel rushed.

When you manage your time well, it helps you focus on the important, fight against the urgent, and lets you work without feeling so rushed.


6. Fewer problems

Effective time management can also reduce the number of problems that you face, which in turns reduces overwhelm and stress and helps you get more done.

Have you ever forgot about an appointment or something that you were supposed to do?

Time management can help with that.

benefits of time management - professional woman standing against wall


7. Less rework

Rushing, stress, being overwhelmed can cause more mistakes and forgotten details. When you manage your time well, you will spend less time having to redo projects and tasks, which then brings more stress and overwhelm.


8. Stand out

Good time management can also help you stand out.

Many people waste so much time and are ineffective in how they go about their day. When you manage your time well, you accomplish more, and it makes you look good toward your boss(es) and potential companies that might want to hire you.

benefits of time management - one red tulip in a bunch of yellow tulips


9. Get promoted faster

And when you are accomplishing more and standing out above those around you, you are likely to get promotions faster.

Not only that, if you are looking for a new job, and you have been effective iN what you accomplished, it can help you get hired faster.


10. Earn more money

Not only can it help you get promoted faster, but it can also help you earn more money (with or without a promotion).

Brian Tracy in his book Eat That Frog! tells the story of a lady who doubled her salary at work. She discovered what her most important tasks were and ask her boss that if she doubled her contribution by focusing on her most important tasks if he would double her pay.

He said yes. She doubled her contribution. He doubled her pay.

benefits of time management - money growing in the ground


11. More free time

When you can manage your time better, not only does it decrease the overwhelm and stress, it can also give you more free time.

When you do what’s most effective and learn to manage, delegate, or delete the less important tasks, you create for yourself more free time to do other things that you find important.


12. More opportunities

If you are overwhelmed and stressed, when and how will you be able to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, let alone see them?

By managing your time well, you can not only spot the opportunities that come your way better, but also have the time and focus to take advantage of them as well.


13. Less effort

Effective time management can also help you accomplish more with less effort.

Some think of time management as a burden. However, Brian Tracy says that every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.

Many people waste time trying to remember tasks, doing things that aren’t important or that they should pass on, never take the time to improve their skills, spend time searching for items or figuring out what they need to do, and so on.

Effective time management helps alleviate that.

benefits of time management - woman jumping in air near trees


14. Helps you focus on your priorities

Many say that family and other areas are a priority in their lives, but often their actions don’t show it.

Many waste so much time at work, feel overwhelmed and stressed, then work extra hours and bring their work home.

While some may have their priorities wrong, for many, if they managed their time better, the “need” to do that would diminish.


15. Waste less time

Good time management helps you waste less time.

Many time we waste time on tasks that aren’t important. They may be “urgent”, but they don’t bring long-term value or aren’t what we were hired to do (or aren’t part of our priorities or goals).

We also waste time figuring out what tasks to do, getting things ready, piddling, and so on.

Effective time management can help alleviate that.


16. Focus better

Good time management can also help you focus better.

It helps you know what tasks you need to do (what’s most important), helps you overcome distractions, helps you deal with interruptions, and helps put you in a state where you can focus on what you need to and get it done.


17. Better health

Part of effective time management is to take care of yourself. Besides that, when you are less stressed and less overwhelmed, your health is better.

Stress often causes poor eating choices, less sleep, and so on. Time management can help resolve that.


18. Better relationships

Good time management can also improve your relationships.

Not only will you likely have more time for those you care about, but you will have less stress when interacting with them.

It also improves your relationships at work with people knowing they can trust you as someone who can get stuff done.

benefits of time management - back of friends with hands in the air, excited, having fun


19. Greater spontaneity

Some think time management kills spontaneity.

The opposite is true. When you manage your time effectively, it opens the doors to handling spontaneity better.

One of the problems with living completely spontaneous is that, without a general plan, it’s easy to get caught up in the urgent of the day instead of doing what’s really important.

Time management can help make sure that the spontaneous tasks you do are important.


20. Overcome distractions

Distractions are all around us. If we aren’t careful, they can keep us from accomplishing what we need to.

When you learn to manage your time well, you are able to overcome distractions better and accomplish what’s important.


21. Manage interruptions

One of the biggest distractions or interruptions from other people. These can be legit cries for help or wastes of time.

Either way, when you learn to manage your time effectively, you also learn how to deal with interruptions from others in a positive, proactive way.


22. Defeat procrastination

Procrastination can kill productivity. Time management can help you overcome procrastination and finish all you need to, when you need to, without having to rush last minute.

benefits of time management -woman posing, smiling


23. More energy

When you aren’t always stressed, overwhelmed in a rush, and losing sleep (and so on),  you will have more energy to accomplish what you need to and to enjoy life.


24. More effective meetings

Meetings can be a vacuum for your time if they are not handled well. When handled right, not only can you hold more effective meetings, but you can also help you prevent meetings that can be resolved otherwise.

benefits of time management - people meeting around a round table, just see hands and paper and table


25. Help others respect your time

It also helps others respect your time. When you respect your own time and show it, others will learn to respect it as well.



As you can see, managing your time well can improve all aspects of your life. The benefits of time management or tremendous.

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Now to you: what other benefits do you see to time management? What benefit of time management do you most desire?